19 DIY Puppy Shirt Ideas To Make For Your Canine Bestie

Jane Foster

DIY Puppy Shirt: Some dogs like to go crazy in public, some dogs like to run wild and free, and others just want to look cute. I’m sure my dog would agree that the last option is pretty sweet. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to custom make a puppy shirt that is fully customized and way cuter than anything you could find at the store. If you are looking for the perfect shirt to go with your new puppy then you came to the right place.

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1. How To Make A Puppy Shirt 

The materials needed for this puppy shirt include a measuring tape, rotary cutter, t-shirt, and the dog itself. To get started, measure from the back of the dog’s neck to where its tail started. Once you have the dog’s length, take the shirt and fold it where the measurement ends. Cut off the folded part with the rotary cutter. Note that this step might not be necessary if your dog is large and has a higher length. 

2. Easy Puppy Clothes DIY 

In this video, there are different ideas on how to DIY. Puppy shirt with short sleeves. The first idea is made out of a pink sleeve and peg down flower trim. The process is quite simple. For all the ideas, you will need shirts that have long sleeves so it would be great to have abundant fabric for the puppy clothes. The second idea was from a gray sweat sleeve and pink ribbon. 

3. DIY Clothes For Puppy 

The idea of making a puppy shirt out of socks is amusing! All you need to do is get as many socks as possible for different patterns of fabric. Then, cut off the band of the sock and toe part. Since the sock is an ankle-length one, you don’t need to cut off the extra length. The wider part (just around the ankle line )will be for the back and the thin part will be for the neck. 

4. How To Sew Easy Dog Shirt 

When you’re making a dog shirt from scratch, sewing will be highly recommended. But in case you don’t know how to sew, you can ask for help from someone. This dog shirt requires two-coloured fabrics; one white fabric for the actual shirt and one blue fabric to tape the neck, armholes, and bottom of the shirt. It is very simple and I think you should give it a try. 

5. Dog Dress DIY

DIY Puppy Shirt

Celebrating happy moments with your dog by making a matching dress is most beautiful, especially during Christmas! You will need a long list of materials for this beautiful dog dress as it is decorated with different trims and fabrics. Some of the materials required include Velcro, fabric trim, Sequins, ribbon, iron-on, puffy paint, Contrasting fabric, tape, scissors, and paper. You can follow the guide for the complete list of the materials and procedures. instructables

6. Easy No-sew Recycled Dog T-shirt

DIY Puppy Shirt

You will need an old shirt for this dog dress! However, if you think you want to use a new shirt, you can go on with it; just have a shirt anyways. Then, get a set of fabric markers and a pair of scissors for cutting. Since the dog dress idea is a no-sew, all you need to do is to fold the shirt in half and cut off the top (together with some part of the sleeves) and bottom of the shirt. You will see the demonstration of this step once you check the link below. After that, draw a different design on the shirt with the fabric markers and you’re good to go. instructables

7. How To Make Dog Clothes From Human Clothes

DIY Puppy Shirt

Turning a human dress into a dog’s owner can be tricky because of the armholes. Human armholes are by the sides while those of the dog are in front! How then can you bring the armholes to the front? It is very simple, and the answer is dart! You need to make darts on the front of the shirt to make the armholes move away from the side to the front. Once you have the armholes in front, your dog cloth is ready. instructables

8. How To Make Dog Clothes No-Sew

DIY Puppy Shirt

Making a dog dress from recycled fabrics costs you little or no money at all. This particular dog dress is made from recycled denim and a scarf. The dress is an A-line jacket and it will fit your dog nicely. You can follow this guide to learn more about the denim jacket. instructables

9. How To Sew Puppy Shirt

Do you know how to use your hand to stitch? If not, then you should give this DIY puppy shirt a try. The method of sewing in this video tutorial is hand stitching and it is very amazing. You don’t have to worry if this is your first time doing this; the video is explanatory enough and demonstrates every step of the stitching. There are three types of stitching used in this project and they are running stitch, back stitch, and invisible stitch. 

10. DIY Dog Clothes 

The shirt used for this dog cloth is an oversized old pullover. The first step to making this dog cloth is to cut off the sleeves of the shirt. You will only need one of the sleeves if you’re making one cloth and both for two clothes. Cut the sleeves right on the seam and measure the length of the dog. You will need to measure from the next down to the beginning of the tail. After that, cut off the extra length from the sleeve and you’re good to go. 

11. How To Make A Sock Sweater For Puppy 

Are you looking for a fitted sweater for your tiny little dog? Here is an idea on how to DIY a dog sweater from socks. It is very simple. Fold the sock into a J and cut off the toe part. After cutting that, measure the length of the dog and use it to cut the sock. Follow this guide for more details. 

12. Puppy Clothes DIY 


This puppy cloth is made out of socks! One sock for one dog. It is very simple. Get socks and cut off the toe part and some of the top band. After cutting, fold the ankle part and make two arm holes on it. Once you cut the armholes you’re good to go. Note: you don’t need any measurement or sewing. 

13. DIY Puppy Shirt

DIY Puppy Shirt

You would want to make this striped puppy shirt for your dog once you know how simple and cheap it is! The most important part of the shirt is to find your preferred fabric and the sewing equipment. Once you have these two, you will make the shirt with ease. Lay down the fabric and cut it to the size of the dog. After that, shape the fabric and cut the armholes on it. mimiandtara

14. DIY Dog Dress Shirt Collar

DIY Puppy Shirt

To make a dog dress shirt collar is very simple once you have a collared shirt, a measuring tape, and a pair of scissors!  All you need to do is to cut off the collar from the shirt and tie it around your dog’s neck. However, if the collar is longer than usual, you will need to measure and cut the collar to fit your dog’s neck. Another thing is that, if you want a no-sew collar, the shirt collar you’re using must have a top button. With this, the top button will be the button for your dog’s collar. cheerfultimesblog

15. DIY Dog Jacket

DIY Puppy Shirt

This dog jacket can be made easily using the Cricut cutting machine. The process is quite simple. All you need to do is to gather the following materials alongside the Cricut machine dog jacket, blank dog shirts, Cricut iron-on, easy press, standard grip cutting mat, and weeding tools. amomsimpression

16. How To Make A DIY Puppy Shirt 

If you’re making a puppy shirt from scratch, you might want to make it more amazing by using the pattern drafting method. Get a sheet of paper and draft the design of the puppy dress on it. Then, afterwards, use the drafted pattern to cut the fabric for the shirt. 

17. DIY Dress For Puppy 

For this puppy dress, you will need different types of fabrics to complete it; lining fabric, pattern fabric, and felt fabric. Other materials needed include press on iron, scissors, sewing equipment, and sheets of paper. Basic sewing skill is required for this dress. 

18. No Sew Dog Shirt 

This no-sew dog shirt is made out of one pair of leggings, scissors, and measuring tape. You will need a dog shirt to shape the leggings. Cut the leggings to fit the dog dress and you’re good to go. Check out the complete tutorial from the link below.

19. DIY Shirt For Puppies 

You can easily make a puppy shirt from any recycled fabric! All you need to do is to get the fabric and cut it to the size of the puppy. Then, cut the armholes where necessary and you’re good to go. 


While making a puppy shirt for your dog, there are some things you need to take note of. The first one is the armholes, you need to be conscious of the fact that the dog’s armholes are in front and should not be treated like humans’ own.

Another thing Is the length of the dog, measuring the dog from the back of the neck to the beginning of the tail is very important. Follow any idea you like above and know more about puppy shirts. 

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