20 DIY Puppy Stairs Ideas That You Should Consider

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DIY Puppy Stairs: If you’re anything like me, you love DIY projects. When my puppy was little her jumpy nature, at times, proved unsafe with all of the stairs on our one-level ranch. I looked online for a DIY solution and couldn’t find one that fit my needs and we could actually implement. So I decided to build her her very own DIY Puppy Stairs. 

Building stairs for your puppy is important for their development. Having a way to get up and down is necessary if you have a young pup who isn’t ready to jump or climb big steps or stairs yet. You’ve probably seen baby gates used at the bottom of landings, but those aren’t safe for large dogs because they are easily jumped over or pushed through. That’s where these DIY puppy stairs can come in handy. 

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1. Quick $15 Puppy Stairs 

How about you make these puppy stairs for your cute dog? It’s not a bad idea, after all the puppy stairs are cheap and can be completed as quickly as possible. Here are the simple steps required: get a two-step wooden box and sand it thoroughly. Spray paint the box white for the first coat and after that add another two coats of sky blue paint. As the box is drying, cut two pieces of cardboard and cover them with foam and fabric as the cushion for the stairs. 

2. DIY Puppy Stairs From Cardboard 

Do you have large pieces of cardboard? Does your puppy find it difficult to climb up the bed or any other high place? If your answers are yes, then make these puppy stairs from cardboard and help your little dog out. To make the stair, you will need to cut and shape the cardboard as seen in this video tutorial. Once you get all the parts, you need glue to assemble them and felt paper to cover everything. 

3. DIY Cardboard Puppy Stairs 

Instead of cutting your cardboard boxes into pieces before building puppy stairs, why don’t you use the boxes as they are? Since you’re making two stairs, you need two boxes; one big and wide while the other is small and long. Place the big box beside the bed and place the small one after it. Use the big box as a measurement to cut the small long box to size. After that, assemble both boxes with masking tape and cover them with felt paper. 

4. Easy Dog Stairs 

If your dog struggles with jumping on his chair or bed because of height, then you don’t need to worry. All you need for it is puppy stairs. These puppy stairs are made from cardboard boxes and some leftover cardboard. The leftover cardboard is cut into pieces and assembled as shown in this video to reinforce the strength of the cardboard boxes. The process is pretty simple, follow this video tutorial below to know more. 

5. How To Make Dog Stairs 

So you feel like you want to make something extra for your dog? Then, you can check out these custom dog stairs. It is made out of 5/4 poplar obtained from a local lumberyard. The cost of this dog stair is high as the instructor decided to use expensive materials for the stairs to last longer. However, if you don’t have much to spend you can choose to use cheaper materials. 

6. DIY Dog Steps

The first thing you need to do after gathering all the materials and tools needed for these puppy stairs is to shape the sides. Once you have the back, the next thing is the front and back, then the steps. You will need wood stains to finish the staircase afterward. build-basic

7. DIY Puppy Stairs With Storage

Do you feel like you need extra storage to keep your dog’s toys? Here is an amazing puppy stair with built-in storage. The storage comes in handy to keep the room free of toys. For the storage, a space is left open at the backside of the staircase and a small basket is fit into it. hgtv

8. DIY Dog Stairs Plan

One important material needed for these dog stairs is plywood. Although plywood is very tricky to work with for some users, especially beginners, do not worry as this guide will show you practical ways to work around Plywood and have amazing dog stairs. However, you can make your own out of solid wooden boards. sawsonskates

9. Puppy Stairs Under $1 

Kitty litter boxes are made out of plastic and they are adorable. You don’t necessarily have to buy new ones, you can recycle three of them and make this puppy staircase. You will need three little mousepads made out of rubber to cover the bottom of the boxes which will later turn to the top of the stairs. The reason for the three pads and boxes is that this is a three-step staircase. The total cost for building this is under $1. 

10. Easy DIY Doggy Stairs 

You will need two wooden crates for these doggy stairs; one big and one small box. The width of the small boxes should be the width of the big ones. Other materials required for the project include paint, paintbrush, fusion tape, fabric, scissors, E6000 glue, tape measure, pillow batting, and primer. The next step after gathering all these materials is to paint and prime the two crates. 

11. DIY Dog Ramp For Dachshunds 

If you notice your fig has a disease that is hindering it from jumping. A dog ramp will be a great option for it! Check out how to DIY this amazing dog ramp and you will love the outcome. There are two ways you can go about this; if you have woodworking materials, you can follow the instructor to get your measurement, cutting list, and customize the ramp. 

The other method is if you don’t have the woodworking materials, you can get the measurement and dimension of the ramp from the instructor and have them cut for you at the hardware store. 

12. How To Build Dog Stairs 

The materials required for these dog stairs include wood pieces, tape measure, miter saw, pencil, a workbench, wood stain and pocket hole jig, and a rag. The process is quite simple if you follow the steps of this instructor by mapping out the dimension of the staircase on the workbench beforehand. 

13. Scrap Wood Dog Stairs

Do you have any broken or scrap pallet wood? If yes, then you can gather them and turn them into puppy stairs. The first thing you need to do after gathering the pallets is to cut them to size the width of the stairs. Note that the width of the stairs will depend on the size of your dog. If you have large dogs, you might need a wider width. instructables

14. DIY Wooden Puppy House With Stairs

When you are making a puppy house, it is ideal that you make a staircase with it so that it will be easier for the puppy to climb up and down the house.  The stairs are made of wood pieces and it is attached to the top rail of the puppy house. It doesn’t have any rail on the side but it is quite effective. instructables

15. Dog Stairs For Bed

Sometimes, what hinders a dog from jumping on a bed or any tall object might be a disease or injury that has to do with the hips or knees. Once you notice this problem, go ahead and make puppy stairs for the dog to make climbing easier for it. Here are some of the materials needed for these particular stairs: two stair stringers, wooden boards, corner braces,  wood screws, flat washers, pipe insulation, and rubber insulation. instructables

16. DIY Dog Pet Stairs 

What do you think about these multipurpose pet stairs? It’s amazing, right? If you’re struggling with storage space, this will be the perfect project as the stairs fit into each other. Another amazing reason why you need these dog/pet stairs is that they can be used as a kind of stand for kids. You can follow this guide to see how you can get it done. 

17. DIY Puppy Stairs 

The official or easier way to cut a cardboard box is by using a knife to cut through the seams. You only need to lay the cardboard down and put out the knife to start cutting. Although, you can use scissors as well. 

18. How To Make Puppy Stairs

These dog stairs are amazing and it is suitable for a tall bed. Your puppy might find it difficult to jump up the bed because of the height. The stairs are made from wood pieces, nails, a miter saw, hammer, and tape measure. Since it’s a five-step case, you will need to build five boxes and nail them together as explained in this guide. Check out the link below to see the full details about the puppy stairs. babytoboomer

19. DIY Doggy Stairs

To make these wooden pet stairs, you need a long list of materials and tools! Aside from the tools and materials, you will need the basic knowledge of woodworking to complete the project. The first thing you need to do is to cut the lumber into pieces. Then, assemble each of the pieces with pocket hole screws. Once you have the staircase, paint it in your preferred color and you’re good to go. livelaughrowe

20. How To Make A Pet Stairs

Making these pet stairs is simple once you have the materials and tools required! These materials and tools include wood pieces, Dremel, pocket hole jig, pocket hole screws, paint, marker, and drill. Since it’s a two-way step, you will need to make two boxes. dremel


Puppy stairs are a very important thing to make for your dog, especially ones with jumping disabilities. Stairs will make it easy and comfortable for such dogs to reach higher heights. The dog stairs can be made out of any box that is sturdy and big; it can be a cardboard box, plastic container, wooden boxes, Kitty litter boxes, and so on. They are very easy and cheap to put together! 

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