15 DIY Puppy Teething Toys Ideas: Make Puppy Teething Toys

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DIY Puppy Teething Toys: You’ve seen the ads on TV for freezing treats for dogs that are meant for teething puppies. I’m about to blow your mind! It’s SO much easier to make DIY puppy teething toys at home for pennies. A few items you already have in your refrigerator and you’ve got the gear you need to hook your dog up with a tasty homemade treat. 

Grab yourself a cold drink and a hot glue gun because you’re about to embark on a puppy-tastic journey into the world of DIYing puppy teething toys! There are many benefits to having toys that are safe and specially made for puppies.

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1. DIY Puppy Teething Chew Toys 

There are different ways you can DIY puppy chew toys; you can adapt the rope method, socks method, bones, and treats. Puppy teething chew toys made from treats are super amazing, with it your puppy doesn’t get tired of the chew toy. The treatment method is the best because it is edible and poses no danger to your dog’s health. Follow this link to know more about puppy chew toys. 

2. How To Make Chew Toy For Puppy 

Here is how to make corn like chew toys for your puppy. Get a yellow cotton rope and a purple cotton cord. Fold each of them in half and double each other in the middle. Then, start weaving the cords together to have a corn-like chew toy. Aside from the corn, there are amazing designs you can make with ropes. 

3. DIY Puppy Teething Toy 

You need six small stuffed pillows to make this puppy teething toy. You can follow this video tutorial to see how you can make the stuffed pillows. Then, attach the six small pillows with thread and needle. This can be done by poking the needle right from the center of one pillow through the second one. Let the need pass through both once more and pull it tightly. After that, poke the needle through one of the pillows and let it come out in between to attach one pillow to the side. 

4. Simple Toy For Dog Teeth 

The materials needed for this simple dog teething toy include the fabric of different patterns, scissors, needles, thread, and stuffing. Start by cutting the fabrics into small circles. Take one of the circles and stitch around the edges. Make the seam big enough to draw the thread from the circle. After that, add stuffings to the circle and pull the thread tightly to close it up. Repeat the process for other circles and assemble them as shown in this video. 

5. Homemade Dog Teething Toys

Finding the right toy for your dog can take a lot of time and money away from you! So that’s why you need to check these quick and free methods of making dog teething toys. The first method involves using old rags/socks, a fridge, scissors, and a rubber band (optional). 

Cut the old rags/socks into pieces and knot them together. If they are not closely packed/knotted, use a rubber band to hold them together. Then, soak the bond and take it to the fridges. Once it freezes, cut off the rubber band and let your dog chew its toy till it melts away. You can check other ideas from the link below. make-and-build-dog-stuff

6. Puppy Teething Toy

Puppies love to chew on any available thing. I think this is a coping mechanism for teething! But, sometimes it can be annoying when it chews on something precious to you. To avoid this from happening, quickly make a greeting toy for your dog by following this guide. 

The toy is made out of old clothes, scissors, a sewing machine, thread, and straight pins. Cut the clothes into 6″ wide strips and sew them together. After that, fold the fabrics in half, lengthwise. Continue the fold as shown in this guide. Once you’re done with the folding, you’ll need to weave the strips together. instructables

7. Sweet Potato Dog Chews

The materials needed for this dog chew toy include Old cotton clothes, fabric scissors, a sewing machine, thread, measuring tape, and straight pins. Preferably, you’ll want to use shirts because they are a lot easier to cut into strips. Once you have the strips, sew them together, fold and weave them into a long thread. Ensure the weaves are close together to make it effective. instructables

8. DIY Chew Toy From Socks

A simple way to make chew toys from socks! First, get two socks (it can be any size, but the longer the better). Knot one of the socks into a ball and put it inside the other. Then, soak the ball in water till it gets wet all over. After that, take the soaked ball to the refrigerator and freeze it. After freezing the chew toy is ready. Give it to your dog and let it enjoy it till it melts away. Once it melts, rinse and repeat the freezing steps. instructables

9. Best Puppy Chew Toys For Teething 

As your puppy doesn’t know what and what not to chew on, it’s your work to make sure it doesn’t chew on the valuable things you have. All you can do to make that happen is to make a teething toy for it. Making chew toys from washable clothes or socks was not advisable from this video guide, as the dog can swallow the toy. 

However, the best option recommended was synthetic bones. They are more durable and reliable; they include benebones, nylabones, Kongs, split antler, indestructible bones, and the Himalayan dog chew.  Watch tutorial

10. DIY Puppy Teething Treats And Toys 

Here is how to make an ice cube chicken chew! The chicken chew doubled as a treat for your dog. It is made from broiler chicken, chicken broth, and an ice cube tray. Cut the boiled chicken into pieces and place them inside the ice cube tray. 

Then, add chicken broth to each of them. After that, take the tray to the refrigerator and let it freeze for 12-24 hours. Once it’s frozen, remove them from the ice cube tray and serve your dog a delicious chicken chew/treat. It is that simple! Get all the materials and get to work! 

11. Dog Chew Toy From T-shirts 

As your puppy is growing older, they feel the need to chew on something to sharpen their teeth. When this happens, they chew on anything and everything they find available. They don’t know what and what not to chew on, you can simply direct this process by providing a chewing toy for them. 

Here is a quick way to make a chew toy from old t-shirts. Cut the shirts into strips and you’re halfway done. Gather four strips and make them into a weave, close the weave with a knot. Then, gather another six and make them into a braid. 

12. DIY Puppy Teether Toy 

If you’re just getting a puppy, you should check out this video tutorial on how to make a puppy teether toy to make chewing easier for the puppy. You can use any kind of chew toy for this. In this video, a rope toy was used. 

All you need to do is get a big bow and fill it halfway with water. Then, add five drops of peppermint essential oil to it. Stir/mix thoroughly then soak the rope toy in it. Take out the toy and put it inside a bag. After that, transfer it to the fridge and allow it to freeze. Once the toy has frozen your dog can have it. 

13. Best Chew Toy For Teething Puppies 

Making a chew toy for a teething puppy is amazing, yet you need to take note of some things. First, appropriate size; It must be big enough so that the puppy won’t swallow it and also needs to be small enough so they can bite on it (if not they get bored of it and it becomes ineffective). Another thing is to check if your puppy likes the toy or not and the last thing is if the toy is too hard or too soft. All these three things affect how your puppy reacts to chewing toys.  

14. Homemade Dog Chews 

There are a lot of benefits to making chew toys for your dog; it cleans the teeth, sharpen them, and keep the dog mentally and physically stimulated. However, the price of chew toys is increasing as there’s an increase in the demand for them. To save yourself some money, you can make an effective chew toy from sweet potato. Cut the sweet potato into slices and bake them for eight hours on low heat. 

15. Stuffed Toy For Puppies  

All you need for this stuffed toy include scrap denim materials, bone stencil, poly filling, and a sewing machine. Use the bone stencil to shape the denim materials, you need two pieces of this. Sew the two pieces together as shown in the video and stuff them with poly fillings. With this, you’re done with a stuffed toy for your puppy. 


Making teething toys for your dog will save you the energy and stress of running and chasing your dogs away from your valuable things. Dogs love to chew on things to sharpen their teeth. In this case, they chew on anything they find chewable. 

To ensure your dog is chewing the right thing, you need to be involved in the process. Make a teething toy for your dog! These 15 DIY ideas will guide you through the process. They’re quick, fun, and cheap dog teething toys ideas. 

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