20 Homemade Cat Toys Toilet Paper Rolls: Keep Them Busy 

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Hi Everyone, I’m excited to share my newest post on, Homemade Cat Toys Toilet Paper Roll. Toilet paper rolls are a great toy for your cat to play with alone or as a companion with you. It is so easy to make something that cats love and that is safe for cats’ health. 

A toilet paper roll is perfect for making a cat toy that your pet will enjoy. Here are instructions for creating a homemade cat toy using materials found around the house.

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1. DIY Cat Toys With Toilet Paper Rolls

Cats spend most of their time hunting, therefore, it is important to offer the cat different types of games to keep them entertained. Most of these games help your cat with stimulation, reduce tension, and spent energy. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to make four different toys from toilet paper rolls. The first toy is a cardboard ball with a surprise. To make this, you need one toilet paper roll and your cat’s favorite treat. Cut the paper roll into five things and put them into each other. Then, place the treat inside the clustered paper rings. 

2. 5 DIY Cat Toys With Toilet Roll 

Toilet rolls are simple items you can easily find in your house since they’re always in use. Let’s see how you can make cat toys from these abundant toilet roll paper; cut strips on both ends of the paper roll and use your hands to tilt the strips backward thereby widening the opening of the paper roll. The second method is to cut four strips at one end of the paper roll and fold each strip to close the opening. Then, cut a spiral strip at the other end. You can check the link below for the other three methods. 

3. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Toy For Cats 

Let’s see how you can make simple cat toys from toilet paper rolls in this video tutorial. As there are many designs you will only learn three of them here and with the concept, you can develop other ideas as well. The first one is the cardboard ball design, but in this case, you can add glue to the paper rings to make them fit together tightly. Then, another one is the small slit design; where you cut small slits on both ends of the paper roll and push the slit backward to form a wheel within them. 

4. Treat Cat Toy With Toilet Paper Roll 

Making cat toys with toilet paper rolls is straightforward. All you need to do is get a toilet paper roll, a pencil, and cat treats. Draw a cat face on the toilet paper roll and fold both openings as shown in this video tutorial. Before folding one of the openings, you can put the cat treat inside. However, the cat treat is not compulsory; without the treat, the cat will play with a paper roll.  

5. DIY Cat Toy Using Toilet Paper Tube

Cat toys are normally expensive, but at the same time, they can be made out of the small things you can think about! A toilet paper tube! Therefore, why should you spend so much money on getting a cat toy if you can just make one out of the numerous toilet paper tubes you have around. For this particular design, you only need two things, a pair of scissors and a toilet paper tube. Cut slits around the edges of the tube and push each of the slits backward with your hand such that they form a wheel and make the tube open wider. pethelpful


6. Paper Roll Cat Toys

If you want your cat toy to be a little extra, you can get your pencil and coloring materials for decoration. Among the designs you can draw on a cat toy is a full cat face, smiley, or any other designs you like. The materials required for the cat toys include three toilet paper tubes, scissors, a popsicle stick, foil, and an old paintbrush. Each of the designs is very simple. instructables

7. Homemade Cat Toys Toilet Paper Roll

How about you recycle all the toilet paper tubes you have to throw away and make cat toys with them. The concept is pretty simple, here is how you can go about it, since the cat toy is mechanical, you need to gather the following electric materials: survo, breadboard, Arduino Uno, ultrasonic sensor, Aldreno cable,  battery plug,  battery, and 100 wires. Once you have all of these, you can come back to this guide for further information. instructables

8. Cat Toys Toilet Paper Roll

Do you have some used straws? Gather them with a toilet paper roll and let’s have fun. Poke holes in the adjacent sides of the tube, three rows of holes are fine. You can poke the hole with anything you find available. After that, insert the straws into each adjacent hole in any direction you like. However, let all the straws face different directions. thesamanthashow

9. DIY Cat Toys From Toilet Paper Rolls 

In this video, the instructor demonstrates how to make three different cat toys using toilet paper rolls. The first one involves cutting the edges of the paper roll and folding them inward. The second involves cutting slits on one side of the paper roll and folding both edges inward. The third involves cutting holes on one side of the paper roll and golfing the opening inward as well. All three designs require you to fill them with cat treats. 

10. Cat Toy From Socks And Toilet Paper Roll 

Making a socks or toilet paper roll cat toy is simple and you can follow this guide to your design. The toilet paper to you is made into a jellyfish shape with the eye and mouth drawn with colored pencils. To make the toy more fun, attach a rope to the paper roll and hold it for your cat to play with. 

11. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Ball 

Toilet paper roll balls are very simple to make! For this, you need three toilet paper rolls and a pair of scissors. Cut each of the paper rolls into rings. Then, gather the rings together and pull them into each other to form a big ball. Once you have the ball, throw it to your cat and see how it plays with it. 

12. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Cat Toys 

Here are other toilet paper roll cat toys! They look amazing! All you need are four toilet paper rolls and scissors. In some cases, you can use glue for extra reinforcement. Cut the paper roll into rings and pull them together into a  ball as shown in the video guide. 

13. DIY Paper Roll Puzzle Feeder

Are you looking for ways to put all your toilet paper rolls into good use? Then, you should give this puzzle feeder a try! A puzzle feeder is a great way to keep your cat engaged and active. You can fill it with any cat treat or catnip you think you like. The materials required for the puzzle feeder include toilet paper tube/paper towel tube, catnip/treat, pipe cleaners, Exacto knife for cutting, and your hands for the craft. Note that the pipe cleaner is optional. petsplusus

14. DIY Cat Toy Out Of Toilet Paper Rolls 

You need six paper roll rings to make this cat toy. So, how do you get the six rings? You can make rings out of the toilet paper roll and the size of the rings will determine the number of toilet paper rolls you will need. Once you have all the six rings, pull them into each other as shown and you’re good to go. 

15. 3 Cat Toys From Toilet Paper Rolls 

You can stop throwing away your toilet paper rolls from now as you can make amazing cat toys from them. Among the designs, you can make toilet paper roll balls, jellyfish-shaped toys, socks toys, and some others. Check out this guide for more information about cat toys. 

16. Pet Toys With Toilet Rolls 

Attaching ropes to your cat toy makes it a lot more fun as you will be in control of the toy by handling it and all that your cat needs to do is to play. All the cat toys made in this video tutorial are from toilet paper rolls. 

17. DIY Food Dispenser Cat Toy 

One major reason why cat treats/fees are important is because once it smells the feeds want to play with the toy more till it figures out how to get the feed out of the toy and have it. The simple way to make the cat smell the feeds is by cutting holes in the toilet paper roll used for the toy. 

18. Simple Toy From Toilet Paper Roll 

The materials needed for these simple cat toys include toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, straws, bottle covers, scissors, rope, small hair bands, beads, and some cupcake paper. Check out the link below for the process of putting all these materials together. 

19. Homemade Cat Toys Toilet Paper Rolls 

You will need non-toxic glue to put these homemade cat toys together. They are very simple to make. Follow his guide to learn more about different designs and how to put them together. 


Cats naturally like playing with toys, hunting, jumping, and having adventures. However, instead of spending much money on buying cat toys, this guide has brought to you 20 possible ways to make a cat toy out of a toilet paper roll. Using toilet paper rolls for cat toys costs close to nothing and it is very simple to make. 

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