19 Homemade Dog Beds For Large Dogs – Do It Yourself 2022

Jane Foster

homemade large dog beds

Creating a dog bed for large dogs can be a challenging task. The dog bed needs to be comfortable and safe while also being indestructible. Homemade dog beds for large dogs must also be able to handle dogs that are big and strong. If you are looking for homemade dog beds for large dogs, but are having a hard time finding one that works, you’re in the right spot. Somehow, the big dog lovers out there – like people with large dogs – do not know how to make a large dog bed.

Well, don’t worry anymore. In this article, I will show you a couple of amazing ideas that will guide you on how to build the perfect bed for your large canine best friend. Ready? Let’s go!

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1. How To Make A Large Dog Bed

Before you can decide on the appropriate size of bed you want to make for your large dog, you need to know their weight. There’re recommended sizes of beds for dogs according to their weight. Once you have the size, the materials required for this dog bed include fleece fabric, memory foam, scissors or cutter, and a ruler. 

The first thing you need to do here is to cut the memory foam in half. It is very simple; fold the foam in the middle and cut through the width. Then, place both halves on each other. Now, cut the fleece fabric into two and each piece is 6″ bigger than the foam width on all sides. Place one of the pieces under the foams and the second one on top of them. Cut the extra 6″ into shreds and tie them together. After that, your dog bed is ready.

2. DIY Modern Platform For Large Dogs

Here is a great tutorial on how to make a custom large platform bed for large dogs. It is a double bed which means it can accommodate two large dogs at one. It is made from wood pieces, a seat pad, a toss pillow, and wood screws. 

The materials required include a tape measure, a foam board, a square, and a pencil. The two basic tools required are a circular saw and drill.  

Once you have all the materials mentioned above, the next thing is to cut the wood into pieces and assemble the platform frame. After that, assemble the slabs that will go on it. 

3. Large Pallet Dog Bed  

Do you want to turn an old pallet into a beautiful large dog bed? If yes, here is a great guide that will show you how to make it happen. All you need for this large pallet dog bed include wood pallets, nails, a hammer, jigsaw, sander, wood stain, and safety tools.  Once you have the materials and tools, the next step is to cut the pallet to size the type of bed you want to make. 

4. DIY Scrapped-filled Large Dog Bed 

All you need for this scrap-filled dog bed include two fabrics of different designs, a pair of scissors, a sewing machine, straight pins, and lots of scrap fabric. Cut the two fabrics and sew them as shown in this video. Ensure to leave a wide hole to be able to fill the scrap fabric. Find out more about the project from the link below. 

5. DIY Large Dog Bed Ideas 

Your dog deserves all the care and loves you can give to it! Therefore, making a nice bed for it will be part of the care. This pull-out bed will be a perfect design for your dog and you especially if you cherish your space and like everything clean and tidy. All you need to make this are recycled materials. countryliving

6. DIY Extra Large Dog Bed   

This extra-large bed was made from king-size memory foam! Though the king-size memory foam can be expensive, it is worth the bed. However, you can complete this Extra large dog bed for about $50! This guide will show you the hack to make the bed as cheap as possible.  thefuntimesguide

7. DIY Dog Bed For Big Dogs

If your dog is big and all the tiny beds can not contain it anymore, the best thing to do is to make an extra-large bed for it because going from store to store to buy an extra-large dog bed might be difficult. This bed is made from a 4″ memory foam crib mattress and flannel crib sheet. Both materials cost $50 in total ($40 for memory foam and $10 for crib sheets). Once you have these two, you’re good to go. creativecaincabin

8. Homemade Large Dog Bed 

The materials and tools required for this large dog bed include pocket hole jig, plywood, pocket hole screws, pocket hole drill, drill, wood glue, hinges, handle, miter saw, brad nailer, tape measure, pencil, safety glasses, and hearing protection. Once you have all the materials and tools ready, you’re good to go. rogueengineer

9. DIY Recycled Large Dog Bed 

Do you know you can make a large dog bed from recycled pillows? Here is a quick guide to making that happen! All you need to prepare for this project include four old recycled pillows, two fleece fabrics (one patterned design and one plain design), fabric scissors, and take measures. After gathering all these; cut the fleece fabrics to length and lay the plain fleece on the working surface. 

Then, arrange the pillow on it as shown in this guide. After that cover the pillows with the patterned fleece. Cut through the edges of both fabrics as they lay on each other and tie them together in simple knots. 

10. How To Make A Large Dog Bed  

This is a custom-made large dog bed. It is made from a thick leftover MDF board. The materials and tools required for its completion include wood screws, table saw, circular saw, set square, ruler, pencil, sander, wood stain, impact wrench, and masking tape. First: cut down the MDF into pieces and assemble the bed platform frame. After that, you can work on the base. 

11. DIY Affordable Dog Beds for Large Breeds  

This affordable large dog bed is made from a pair of thick pillowcases. Other materials needed for this include fabrics, sewing needles, thread, scissors, and pillows. Euro pillow was used in this guide for extra fluffiness. However, you can use regular pillows to cut down costs. Also, since you’re not using a sewing machine to sew, the approximate time to complete hand sewing is 3.5 hours. 

12. DIY Large Dog Bed Idea 

There are different ways to make a comfy and suitable bed for your dog! In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to make an adjustable dog bed. The design of the bed makes it easy to remove the cushion pad on the base whenever there’s a need to wash it. However, the padding used for the sidebars can not be removed but it is also washable because it is filled with washable toy filling. 

13. Amazing Dog Bed Idea

One thing that makes this dog bed amazing is the installation of the feeding station. Though the feeding station can be separated.  The bed is very affordable and comfortable for the dog. The first thing you should do is assemble the base of the bed platform. Then, attach the beading and cut the feeding station. Check out the materials and tools needed from the link below. bunnings

13. Large DIY Dog Bed

The first thing you need to do for this dog bunk bed is to gather the materials and tools required! Among the tools are Kreg Jig or biscuit jointer, clamps, chop saw, tape measure, power drill driver, power nailer (optional), and pencil. You will get the full list of the materials required and the cutting list from the link below. instructables

14. DIY Dog Bed

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to make a dog bed from scratch using wooden boards. The first step is to measure your dog to know the size of the bed you’re making. Then, sketch the design on a sheet of paper and gather the necessary materials and tools. After that, cut the wood into pieces and assemble them. masterclass

15. Homemade Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Looking for a stylish dog bed design for your furry friend? Don’t look further, all you need is in this DIY guide! The materials needed include 2 yards 54” wide fabric for a large bed, pet bed insert, invisible zipper – 20”, invisible zipper foot, and heavy-duty/upholstery thread. However, if you’re making a small bed you need  1 yard 54” wide fabric instead. Fabric

16. How to Make Large Pallet Dog Beds 

Here is an upcycle project that turns an old pallet into a nice dog bed. The tools needed for this large pallet dog bed include an impact driver, a drill drive, a sander, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, and a handsaw. Here is how to go about it. First, get the pallet ready, then remove/adjust the boards that don’t align with the ones underneath. After that, decide the size of your dog bed and cut the pallet.  

17. DIY Big Dog Bed  

You can make the corner of your wooden dog bed Ron to prevent the dog from chewing the wood. Another feature that makes this wooden dog bed amazing is the floating feature. You need a wooden box to raise the base of the bed a little to make it easy to sweet and also for decoration. 

18. Simple Large Dog Bed Tutorial 

Here is another platform bed idea! It is very simple and fast to put together. The first thing you need to do is to gather the necessary materials and tools:  these include wood, wood screws, a miter saw, a circular saw, a tape measure, and fabrics for the bed. After gathering all of these materials, the next thing is to assemble the base and frame of the bed. 

19. How to Make Dog Bed With Pillows 

Here is a great tutorial that will show you how to make a large dog bed out of pillows. It is very easy and fast. Let’s see how you can go about it. First, you don’t need a thread, needle, or any sewing equipment, all you need is a piece of fabric, pillows, measuring tape, and an iron.

You can use some old pillows you have in your home or buy cheap ones at the store. Then, determine the size of the bed and stack as many pillows together to give you that, then double-check with a measuring tape. After that, cut the fabric to the right size and wrap it around the pillows. 


Making your dog bed can be so much fun but making a suitable size for your dog can be a little tactful! So to make the process easier for you, this guide has provided 20 amazing DIY large dog bed ideas for you. Each guide comes with a list of materials and tools required, the approximate cost of completion, and detailed instructions on how to put the materials together and get a large dog bed at the end. 

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