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Macrame baskets are ideal for everyday use as decorative pieces in any room of the house. Baskets can be used as bedroom organizers, bathroom storage bins, nursery hampers, and living room blanket baskets. They are different patterns of making a macrame basket and you can decide whatever patterns suit you. The DIY macrame basket is super easy and affordable. Save up spaces at home and offices with any of these step-by-step tutorials.

Have you been looking for a beautiful macrame basket DIY idea for your books, fruits, or flowers? Check out these projects and thank me later.

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1. Woven Macrame Basket DIY

One great thing about the macrame basket is that it is multipurpose! You can use this woven basket for storage, nursery hampers, etc. The DIY woven macrame basket is less expensive than what you can get at a store. Apart from saving cost, this woven basket is an easy project, and it’s doable for even beginners. Using a collecting knot, with this tutorial you can finally make your woven basket to save up spaces at home.

2. How To Make A Macrame Basket

Macrame baskets can come in different sizes depending on what it’s been used for.  This step-by-step tutorial showcases two different patterns and sizes on how to make a macrame basket. Macrame baskets can also be used to decorate vases for your flowers and plants. You can also decide to make a bigger macrame basket for the bathroom storage bin. Let’s get started in this fantastic way of making your home rustic and cool.

3. Macrame Basket DIY

Macrame baskets go a long way in saving spaces at home. They also look great in colored macrame cord. You can choose to make a basket for your makeover kits and the space of filling your top table with makeovers and deodorants. Making these baskets helps you to locate your cosmetics and accessories easily.

4. DIY Macrame Basket Tutorial

Macrame baskets are wonderful decor for your home, especially When you make one for your flower pots. You can still keep your home greenery and cool with macrame baskets. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a special pattern for flower pot in different colors and sizes as well with just macrame! 

5. How To Make A Macrame Plant Basket

Macrame Basket DIY

Macrame plant basket can be the very best basket to cover up your ugly pots and makes your cactus shine. With just macrame, scissors, and a dowel rod you can keep your plants for spring and watch them grow babies. This cute DIY macrame plant basket will explore you into the world of different knots, braids, and dyeing techniques. Give your flower pot a better look through this easy guide.

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6. Macrame Hanging Fruit Basket

Macrame Basket DIY

This is a very handy multipurpose macrame basket that can be used as a fruit basket or plant hanger. With the use of a modern ring and macrame, you can make a cute macrame hanging basket that can be used for keeping fruits. It will look pretty with a bunch of apples, lemons, oranges, etc in it. Through this step-by-step process, you can keep your fruits or plants in a safe and hanging position.

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7. Macrame Fruit Basket DIY

Macrame Basket DIY

This very cute macrame basket can be a great way to whip up a few home accessories too! It does not only provide an optimal way to keep your fruit stored safely, but it can also give room for enough air and the hanging design saves you tabletop space too! Check out the tutorial above and learn exactly how to create your fruit basket with just macrame 

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8. Macrame Cord Basket DIY

Macrame Basket DIY

The DIY crochet basket is a fun and awesome project that can be made in different sizes of your choice with the same pattern. The use of a macrame cord is to give the basket sturdiness which makes it very easy to carry and store things around. This macrame basket comes with a handle which makes it easy to transport and move around.

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9. DIY Macrame Basket

Sometimes we have to go through a lot of stress in trying to find stationaries which can be irritating. Why not make a macrame basket and fill them with all of your stationaries so that you don’t have to bother looking for them when needed. The pattern for this DIY macrame basket is very simple. The size of your basket depends on what you want or you can rather copy the same size from the craft.

10. How To Make A Flat Macrame Basket

This is a very cute flat macrame basket with wonderful patterns. This flat basket can be used as a toolbox, it is very portable and cool. You don’t have to bother about carrying a large toolbox when you just need a few tools, you can make a flat basket and put in a few tools for your work. With just macrame,  you can save the stress of moving around with a large toolbox.

11. How To Macrame A Basket

Laundry baskets are usually made of fabrics and sometimes plastics but you can make a macrame basket for your laundry. This is a large macrame basket that can be used for storage. Apart from laundry,  You can also use this basket for other stores to save up spaces at home. With just a macrame, you can make a large and durable basket for your laundry and other storage.

12. DIY Hanging Macrame Basket

Through this tutorial, you will learn how to make a hanging macrame basket with free standing as well. This hanging macrame basket holds a wide range of items, from tools, stationaries, etc. This basket can be made in different sizes and colors as well. They are so beautiful that they can be used as plant hangers and decor. Hanging the macrame basket on a wall saves tabletop space and also keeps a safe distance from the kids.

13. DIY Macrame Hanging Basket

Macrame Basket DIY

Most of us are very fond of plants around our home and this macrame basket can be the best way to display some greenery without taking up table space. This macrame plant holder can whip up for your home in just a few minutes. It is pretty easy and leaves your home as greenery as you desire. Through this simple guide, you can finally leave your home greenery and neat.

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14. How To Make A Macrame Hanging Basket For Plant

Macrame Basket DIY

What better way can you ring into spring than a little more green! This is a 30 minutes project. It is an easy hobby to pick up and creates beautiful results. Macrame basket is a super craft and shines in a hanging planter. With a few yards of macrame and wooden ring, you can prepare for spring following this easy tutorial.

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15. DIY Natural Rope Basket

Macrame Basket DIY

Baskets are ancient crafts but are also used in our modern-day lives. Our homes can never have enough storage and you can create something out of a cotton rope that is purely knotted and woven. This DIY rope basket is perfect for storing everything from jewelry, tapes, makeover, teas, etc. You can make your home look neat with enough woven baskets at home.

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16. DIY Macrame Plant Basket

Macrame Basket DIY

This is a cute and super easy macrame plant basket that is made from a few yards of macrame. Many of us are very fond of fresh plants in our room and you can make your DIY basket that leaves your plant hanging in a basket and adds perfect beauty to your room. This DIY is much easier than you think and uses a steady type of knot. 

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17. Macrame Basket DIY

This is a both-sided macrame basket that can be used for decorating your vase. This awesome craft uses two types of knots called cow and double hitch knot. Though it looks complicated it is very simple than expected. You can also use this basket for wonderful decor at home or office. Make your weekend fulfilling through this easy tutorial. 

18. How To Make A Colorful Macrame Basket

Macrame baskets can also be made in two or more colors. Through these easy steps, you will learn how to use two different colors without ruining your work. This macrame basket is very easy and it uses two different patterns. It is doable for beginners and beyond. Try out this colorful macrame basket at home to save p spaces. 

19. DIY Big Macrame Storage Basket

Big macrame basket stores a lot of large items at home. You can also use this macrame basket to store your books or even recyclable trash. This DIY macrame basket is made of two different colors and has a thick texture to hold large items. Though it requires a larger quantity of macrame cords, it is still very easy to make.

20. Macrame Basket With Leaves Pattern

This macrame basket with leaves pattern is super amazing. The look of the basket should not scare you because this macrame basket is unbelievably easy. You can try this simple craft at home during the weekend with just macrame and scissors. You can also choose to use whatever color of macrame cords will suit you. Pick up your macrame cords and enjoy your weekend with this amazing craft yet effective.

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