20 Macrame Garland DIY – Best Garland Projects On Earth With Macrame

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Macrame Garland DIY

Every wanted to make a macrame garland DIY? Well, here’s an article that will show you how to! Garlands are made not only to adorn deities and individuals but are also used to beautify spaces and objects. Garlands are also made for special occasions and seasons. Envelop your house in holiday cheer for Christmas garland. 

DIY macrame garlands are designed differently but still, your home is adorned and beautiful. Using the three basic knots and a few other patterns you can create your macrame garland through any of these step-by-step tutorials. It’s super affordable and easy. Let’s get knitting!

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1. Easy Boho Macrame Garland DIY

Boho macrame garland is an easy project that requires a few materials like macrame, scissors, and wooden beads to create. This DIY macrame garland is made of a square head knot and soft tassel. In this craft, wooden beads are used to decorate the garland to give it full glory while hanging. It’s super easy and inexpensive and won’t damage your walls. 

2. DIY Macrame Garland

One charm about macrame garland is that you can make the garland in different sizes! A smaller size will still add beauty just as the bigger size does, it all depends on what suits you. The process for making this DIY craft is very easy and saves cost. Through this DIY guide, you will learn how to make macrame garland in different sizes.

3. How To Make A Macrame Garland

How pretty will the garland look hanging above your bed? or even your sofa? It is super easy and the materials needed for this tutorial are basic. This macrame garland is made of less knotting and more soft tassels to make it pretty much attractive. After the whole creation, you can decide to cut your fringe into your desired shape after unraveling it.

4. Macrame Garland DIY

Macrame garland can also be used for doorways, ceilings, mantels, and wherever the garland will stay put. No worries there’s no hammer and nail involved. You can just make this DIY project with just macrame! It is a little project and very simple to learn. Surprisingly, this DIY project ends fast!

5. DIY Beginner Macrame Garland

Macrame Garland DIY

Garlands are wonderful decor especially when they are used for falls and Christmas decor. The macrame garland is a beginner-friendly project and pretty easy to learn. You can also decide to add a tassel at the end of the garland to make it more interesting. You can ring into Christmas with this wonderful garland as decor leaving your home cool and rustic.

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6. Macrame Yarn Garland DIY

Macrame Garland DIY

This is a super cute garland with multiple colors which makes it a perfect backdrops for tables at parties and even weddings. The best thing about this project is how it adds a lot of colors and interest without needing tons of time and materials. This is a very simple project and they give a cool and bright shade to your home. 

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7. How To Make A Simple Macrame Garland

Macrame Garland DIY

Isn’t it amazing that you can make one garland for multiple seasons? This garland is great for fall and you can change out the color cord to customize for any. This garland is super easy and makes use of only two knots which are lark’s head and berry knot. The best part of this garland is that you can easily change the color for any season. Let’s get knitting! 

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8. DIY Macrame Garland

Macrame Garland DIY

Garlands are not just made for customized seasons but you can also make a garland to beautify the spaces and objects. Apart from falls, garlands can also be used to decorate pots from plants as well as many other objects. In this DIY macrame garland, the use of mismatched buttons was used to decorate this garland. You can decide to embellish your macrame garland with whatever that suits you like a pom-pom, yarns, or even mismatched buttons.

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9. How To DIY Macrame Garland

This is a large DIY macrame garland that can be mistaken for wall hanging. Soft tassels are not always important in macrame garland, it’s a choice for decoration. This macrame garland uses the three basic knots for macrame projects which are very easy and friendly too! Leave your home in all glory through this simple guide.

10. DIY Boho Macrame Banner

Macrame garland can come in multiple colors too! This DIY boho macrame is very simple and showcases how different colors of macrame can be used together in a garland. You should choose a color of macrame cord that matches your surrounding so that your work doesn’t look like a waste after the whole creation.

11. How To Make A Macrame Wall Hanging Garland

Garlands are made with different designs and patterns and macrame garland is not out of it. This DIY macrame garland is made in form of a leaf shape to give it a more rustic look. It is much easier than you think and requires a few knitting and unraveling to make this DIY a wonderful decor for your home.

12. DIY Macrame Banner

DIY  macrame banner satisfies all your crafty requirements: easy, cute, and cheap. This is a Josephine knot macrame banner made from just macrame. The supplies needed for these crafts are scissors, tape measure, and macrame. This macrame banner adds total beauty and perfection to your home without leaving marks and scratches on your wall.

13. Macrame Garland For Stairs DIY

Macrame Garland DIY

Garlands rocks differently in many designs and this DIY macrame garland is not left out. You can make an incredible garland cascading down the staircase with just a macrame. This macrame garland might look complicated but it is very easy to make and it makes use of two simple knots for this project. You can also embellish your garland with fall leaves to give it a more rustic look.

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14. How To Make A Macrame Yarn Garland

Macrame Garland DIY

Have you ever noticed the space above your bed? They make the room look so boring and dry. You can make your room cool and bright again with just macrame garland. Using multiple shades of macrame makes it noticeable and attractive. This project is doable for beginners and beyond.

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15. Macrame Garland DIY

This macrame garland gives a playful vibe to a Christmas tree and adds so much texture without being fancy, busy, and glittery. If you’re new to macrame or you’re at the beginner’s level then this project is for you because you only need to learn one knot. This macrame garland will be much easier to learn because there is going to be a steady repetition of a particular knot making it faster and easier to learn.

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16. Macrame Garland For Christmas Tree

Macrame Garland DIY

How about we sneak into Christmas with a more rustic look this time! This DIY macrame garland is very easy and makes use of wooden beads for decoration. The use of a spiral knot was used for this project to give it than attractive look. This garland is a versatile item and can be used to decorate anywhere in your home.

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17. DIY Macrame Garland

Boho macrame garland is one of the simplest types of macrame garland and is very easy to learn. Through this easy guide, you will finally learn to make a boho macrame garland with any length of yours. As a beginner, you must make use of your tape measures before carrying out any project so that you don’t get confused at the end.

18. Macrame Garland Wall Hanging

Are you new to macrame? then this project is for you. This is one of the easiest ways of making macrame garland for your first try. It’s normal to loosen your knots over and tie them in, as a beginner you have to pass through processes like this before becoming perfect. Get a pair of scissors, tape measure, and a spool of macrame, and let’s get started in trying out this easy DIY macrame garland for your home decor.

19. Mini Christmas Macrame Garland DIY

This is an adorable Christmas macrame garland for your Christmas tree! This DIY displays the best way on how to attach your beads to your macrame garland while making it. It’s not a very hard process but requires time and focus to be able to make a DIY macrame garland with beads. Welcome the Christmas season with this adorable macrame garland to decorate your home.

20. Macrame Boho Garland Wall Hanging

Garlands are not just made for covering spaces at home but they also give your home an elegant and rustic look. This DIY macrame garland is made from the three basic knots for the macrame project and also introduces a new pattern for making garland. Unlike another macrame garland, this DIY garland looks quite different and presents your home in a classy way. Try out this new pattern for making macrame garland that beautifies your house.

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