19+ Macrame Rug DIY Ideas: How To Make A Macrame Rug

Jane Foster

Macrame is one of those things you just can’t have enough of. It adds color and warmth to your room. If you’re just trying to break into macrame and looking for macrame projects you can begin with, then this macrame rug is just what you need. Macrame rugs give a creative and yet professional look to your decor while still managing to look very trendy. These projects are fun, easy to do, and quick.

 If you’ve been looking to change your rug to something that looks trendy and yet inexpensive, then grab your macrame cord and get ready to knot your heart out! This article features 20 outstanding macrame rug projects you can do.

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1. DIY Macrame Rug

Go fancy with this elegantly designed macrame rug for your room. One fantastic thing about this project is that it looks good yet costs little. With this DIY tutorial, you can macrame this beautiful rug using only a dowel and cotton rope.

2. Macrame Rug Tutorial

This beginner macrame project is the perfect fit if you’re looking for both inexpensive decor ideas and a new pastime. It’s stylish and yet uncomplicated to make. This project uses straightforward knots like Lark’s head, square, overhead, and double half hitch knots. Additionally, the only material you need to make this is a 5mm single twisted cotton rope.

3. DIY Boho Home Decor

If you’ve been hunting for boho-themed decor ideas, then don’t skip this one. This DIY project is both cheap and elegant. And it’s so simple you can even watch TV while doing it. All you need is a punch needle tool, adjustable punch needle tool, monks cloth, yarn, macrame cord, and scissors.

4. DIY Macrame Rug Tutorial

Macrame rugs are one of the cheapest and yet cutest macrame projects you can do. Replicate this terrific macrame rug project with this step-by-step DIY guide. It teaches you everything from the first knot you need to learn to get the correct measurements. You’ll know how to do various knots. All you need to complete this project is a braided rope, wood glue, and bodkin.

5. How To Make A Bohemian Macrame Rug

From choosing the right cord to getting the accurate measurement, this DIY tutorial has got you covered on all the bases. This project is fun to make but will require a little patience. If you don’t know many knots already, it’s terrific as this project uses only three knots. instructables

6. Modern Macrame Rug Tutorial

This tutorial is handy for those who want to learn how to make a welcome macrame mat. It outlines the basics of the types of knots you’ll use. The knotting patterns offers everything from the tools and materials needed to the cut list. It’s pretty detailed and helpful for both beginners and experts. Try this out if you want a welcome mat with a bit of pizzazz. retroden

7. DIY Macrame Rope Rug

This macrame rope rug is just as fun to make as it looks! Give your room a stand-out feel with this beautiful macrame rug. This project uses cording instead of rope. If you don’t know how to crochet or would rather not, this rope rug is just for you. It’s ideal for your bedside or bathroom and looks fancy too. lilyardor

8. Macrame Rug With Scrap Fabric

Gather your scrap fabrics for this fun and straightforward macrame rug project. If you have fabrics scraps laying across the house, you can do this macrame rug project with this easy-to-follow DIY. This project works in two ways: you save money by using fabrics you already own and still gain a beautiful rug. diyonthehouse

9. How to Make A Macrame Mat

Glam up your room with this colorful macrame mat that’s both trendy and unique looking. You need to make this with a macrame cord, masking tape, scissors, a tape measure, and a clothes hanger. This rug is an excellent look for your room and inexpensive as well. If you’ve been looking for that piece of decor to add spark to your room without breaking the bank, this colorful macrame rug is just what you need. Watch Video Tutorial

10. How To Make A Rag Rug Out Of Fabric

Scared of looms and crotchet but still want a rug that looks great? Then check out this fun and fantastic macrame rug made from fabric. It doesn’t require a loom or crotchet and is quick and easy. Make this if you have extra material and would love to declutter and make yourself a small rug for your space or as a welcome mat.

11. DIY Braided Macrame Rug


If you’ve been looking for a braided macrame rug but have been scared away by the prices, then it just might be a sign to make yours. All you’ll need to replicate this project are old t-shirt yarn, fabrics, and some leftover scraps. The process is quick, easy and suitable even for beginners in macrame. 

12. Macrame Tutorial – DIY Rug

Make this fun and easy to make macrame rug with this DIY macrame tutorial. The two simple patterns are applied in this project are Zigzag patterns and square knots patterns. All you’ll need are a fluffy macrame cord (for extra softness) and a few other basic supplies.

13. Crotchet Rug With Bulky Yarn

Make your comfy soft rug with this crotchet DIY tutorial. Crotchet enthusiasts would love this one. This project is easy to do and can be finished in one sitting. If you need help selecting the suitable yarn to use and the process of making this from start to finish, then check out this DIY. What’s more? It’s a single crochet project and very easy to replicate. marchingnorth

14. Macrame Door Mat


Make welcoming people into your home more special with this macrame doormat made from cotton rope and old t-shirt yarn. This doormat is super soft, unique looking, and a great way to save cost. If you’ve been hunting for beginner-friendly macrame projects, then you should replicate this one.

15. Macrame Table Mat Tutorial

If you have a 3mm cotton rope, then you’re just about ready to make this beautiful table mat project. Take your table decor up a notch by putting this breathtaking rug on it. It gives a homey feel to the room and is excellent for protecting the table surface. If you’ll love to learn how to macrame a table mat from start to finish, then this DIY is for you.

16. Jute DIY Rug

This jute rug is probably the cutest piece of decor you’ll find on the internet today. If you’ve been looking for a fancy rug carpet to use for your home, then try out this project. This DIY looks so good and can cover quite a large area.

17. DIY Macrame Rug

Macrame rugs are both classy and professional. They make for excellent gifts as well. Learn the basics of creating a macrame project from scratch with this fun and interesting DIY project. You’ll enjoy both the making process and the results.

18. DIY Macrame Placemat 

Coffee lovers would appreciate this one! If you’ve been looking for fancy ways to decorate your coffee table, this placemat will look terrific. Use this step-by-step DIY to make your placemat. This DIY contains the whole process and includes dos and don’ts so you have minimal mistakes and can complete the project in ample time.

19. Macrame Round Tablecloth

Spice things up in your home with this awesome-looking round table cloth. One good thing about knowing how to macrame is that there’s no limit to what you can make. This project is relatively easy to make and requires almost nothing to make. If you have some time on your hands, this is a great way to save money by making your decor yourself.

20. Macrame Rug DIY

Making a macrame coaster is one of the easiest macrame projects you can do. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to create your macrame coaster. You’ll only need a 1.3mm macrame rope and scissors to complete this project. You can use this to improve your macrame skill, as a pastime and a way to save money. 


If Macrame rocks your world, then dig into any of these projects and have loads of fun. You can make any of these for yourself or your family and friends. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a great time reading this list. Feel free to comment down below if you have any questions or contributions regarding Macrame rug DIY ideas. 

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