20 Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns: DIY With Ease!

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DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

Macrame wall hanging patterns are an easy way to decorate your home or give as a gift. Macrame is the perfect decorative craft, as it’s always in style. 

There are many different types of macrame projects that can meet your crafting needs whether you’re looking to make fun decorative items, gift items, jewelry pieces, home decor items, or other crafts.

I’ve written this article for all those who are struggling to find exclusive macrame wall hanging patterns. I offer you my collection of the best free macrame wall hanging patterns. They bring brightness into your house and create a nice, relaxing atmosphere!

1. Macrame Wall Hanging Scandinavian Pattern 

This Scandinavian pattern uses 24 cotton twisted ropes of 2.5 meters. The ropes are 5mm thick. Each of the ropes is knotted to a 55cm stick. Hang the stick horizontally with two hangers, pick the rope one after the other, fold them into two, and tie it to the stick such that both ends of the rope are in front of the stick. 

2. DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern 

This macrame wall hanging pattern uses two types of knots, the square knits, and the diagonal clove hitch knot. To begin with, tie some cotton twisted ropes to a stick hanging on something.  Then, make a large triangle using a square knot. After this, close the triangle edges with diagonal clove hitch knots. 

3. Easy Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern DIY 

Macrame wall hanging is always an exception. To start making this, get a wood stick and some cards. Hand the stick by the wall and attach the cords to it with a lark’s head knot. The cords are 16 in total. Then, make an 8 square knot at the top of the cords. After that, start another square knot below to form a triangle. Once you have two layers of such triangles, close it with a double hitch knot. 

4. Modern Macrame Wall Hanging 

Macrame wall hanging is a piece of craft that should be in every house. It is cool and beautiful. Here is what you need to make the beautiful macrame wall hanging; Get a driftwood stick of 24cm, 12 cotton cords of 3mm thickness, and your hand obviously! 

5. Macrame Wall Hanging For Beginners

 Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

People are becoming more obsessed with a macrame wall hanging these days and that’s a good thing because macrame looks really amazing on the wall. This macrame pattern uses a lark’s head knot, a square knot, and a double square knot. 

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6. Free Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern

 Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

The pink color of this macrame wall hanging is very adorable and it will look beautiful on a white wall. Check below to learn more about the hot pink macrame wall hanging and how to do the knots. 

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7. How To Make Macrame Wall Hanging

 Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

Unlike other macrame wall hanging made from cotton cord, ropes, or yarn. This is made from jersey fabric. Here are some other materials required for the project, a wooden dowel to hang the craft and fabric scissors to cut the jersey into strips. 

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8. Large Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern

 Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

This super simple macrame wall hanging is made from three colors of yarn. The reason why it is super simple is that I require only one knot and that is the lark’s head knot which ties the yarns to the stick. After that, you can leave the ropes dropping down. 

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9. How To Make Petals Macrame Wall Hanging 

Thus petals’ macrame pattern is truly adorable yet very simple to make. Even beginners will be able to make it with simple instructions. Watch the video to learn the beautiful method of tying the macrame knot. 

10. Easy Macrame Hanging Tutorial 

Here is a quick one;

Cut 1 bundle 5 mm macrame rope to 12 equal pieces and attach them to a dowel with a lark’s head knot. Use the first cord as the holding cord and make 5 diagonal double half hitch knots around the holding cord.  

Then from the left, take the sixth cord as the holding cord and make 5 diagonal double half hitch knots around it. Making that part into a triangle. Repeat this process for the second section of the rope. 

11. Macrochet Pocket Wall Hanging 

The wooden dowel ends used in this crochet pattern macrame wall hanging makes it look exceptional. The crochet pattern makes wall hanging look strong and able to hold anything inside the pocket. Aside from the wooden dowel ends, you also need a wooden dowel, J hook, F hook, measuring tape, wooden beads, scissors, and 2 stitch markers. 

12. DIY Heart Pattern Macrame Wall Hanging 

This heart pattern macrame wall hanging uses two types of knots; the lark’s head knot and the square knot. Also, it uses two types of yarn Color; white and red. In order to get the heart pattern correctly, you need to count the number of square knots made from white yarn and that of red yarn. By doing this, the pattern will come out well. 

13. DIY Woven Wall Hanging

 Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

The materials needed for this woven wall hanging include an assortment of yarn, cotton warp twine or yarn, wool roving, a tapestry needle, an open back frame, a thin wooden dowel, a metal tube or wooden stick, scissors, and a fork. Check the link below to learn more about the project. 

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14. DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

 Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

It is the simplicity of these macrame wall patterns that attracted me. If you like the simple design just like me, you need to learn yet another simple macrame project again. Here are some materials needed; 70 yards of rope, a wooden dowel, paintbrush, scissors, painters tape, acrylic paint, large wooden beads

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15. DIY Macrame Wall Hanging With Bead

To make this super simple macrame wall hanging, you need 2 rolls of yarn, driftwood or stick, jute, drill, wood beads, measuring stick, and tape. 

Start by drilling two holes on either side of the stick for hanging. Then, cut 35 pieces of yarn from the roll of yarn. Make each piece 75″ long. After this, loop the pieces to the stick using the lark’s head knot and spill your beads through. 

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16. How To Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern

 Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

You can decorate your wall with this beautiful macrame wall hanging. It is made from Maximizer cotton mop refill, cut-end cotton mop refill, dowel, dark walnut stain, and scissors. The macrame wall hanging will take you up to an hour before completion. 

Let’s see some of the steps involved;

Cut the dowel into two, 15″ long for the top stick and 25″ long for the bottom stick. Then, take the 15″ dowel and slide it into the top hooks of the mop refill. After this, you can start trying different knots to it. 

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17. DIY Boho Macrame Wall Hanging 

This double-layered macrame wall hanging makes me want to have a macrame wall hanging. It looks adorable. 

For the first layer, add 2 macrame tops to the dowel with a lark’s head knot. Then, make 11 spiral knots with it. Add another two macrame ropes to the dowel, one on each side of the spiral knots. 

After this, attach the rope you just add to the ropes below the spiral knot with square knots. After doing this for both sides, you can add the role for the second layer to the dowel. 

18. Diamond Pattern Macrame Wall Hanging 

Take your interior decor to the next level with this diamond pattern macrame wall hanging. To form the diamond shape at the center of the macrame, you can use the diagonal double half hitch knot to make the top triangle, then make the ropes overlap and by that, you can make the bottom triangle and you’re good to go. 

19. Macrame Heart Wall Art 

Thus macrame heart wall hanging uses two colors of yarn but unlike the one mentioned above where the heart was made from the mixture of the 2 colors. Here, the heart shape was made with only one color while the second Color was attached to its sides to compliment the pattern This makes the heart pattern stand out and beautiful. 

20. Leaves Pattern – Macrame Wall Hanging 

For this leaf pattern, three types of knots are required; the lark’s head knot, square knot, and the diagonal double half hitch knot. Though the leaf pattern looks complicated, it is quite simple once you know how to make the three knots mentioned above. 


Take your interior decor to the next level with these 20 DIY macrame wall hanging patterns. They are adorable and easy to make. Check out our homepage for other exciting DIY articles that will leave you stunned. 

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