20 Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf DIY: Do It Yourself 2022

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Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf DIY

Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf DIY: Some things in life, when you see them, you’re just in love immediately. Such is the case with the DIY macrame shelves. Looking for a cool, inspired, and lovely shelf? DIY this great macramé shelf that can cool your room. This is also a great addition to your living or dining area. With some old furniture or planks of wood, you can create this original shelf perfect for books, flowers, magazines, and other decorative stuff. Surprisingly easy to make, if you like country or rustic style or have a thing for the nautical decor, go on and try this simple enchanting project!

In today’s post, you are going to learn what it takes to make your own macrame shelf. Macrame is a craft that has been around for ages and is beginning to become a hit again in the crafting community.

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1. Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf DIY

To make a macrame shelf you need a piece of wooden board, four wooden beads, and 16 pieces of long macrame cords. Get two S hooks and a wooden rod to hang the cords. Divide the cords into four. Take the first four chords and fold them into half then attach them to the rid with reverse lark’s head knot. Ensure the cords are not overlapping.  Attach the second group to the same side and repeat the process for the other side of the rod. 

2. DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf 

Before you can make this wall hanging macrame shelf, you need to make the backdrop first. This is done by hanging a wooden rod on two S hooks. Then, attach macrame cords to the rod with the lark’s head knot. While attaching each cord, ensure that the folds are not equal (make one end longer than the other). 

3. How To Make A Macrame Shelf 

You need to understand three basic knots before you can make this macrame shelf. The first knot is the lark’s head knot which is needed to attach all the cords required to a wooden dowel, the second knot is the diagonal double half hitch knot which is the dominant knot across the length of the macrame shelf, and the last one is square knot which is sandwiched between the diagonal double half hitch knots. 

4. Macrame Shelf DIY 

The cords used for this beautiful macrame shelf are divided into three parts! All three parts were attached to a wooden rod. The first set of cords are knotted into a long rope with two hands to hold the wooden board on the left (the base of the shelf), the set of cords in the middle are knotted into an amazing wall hanging, while the last part is knotted into a rope with two hands to hold the board on the right. 

5. Macrame Shelf Tutorial

Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf DIY

If you’re keeping a potted plant, you have to find a floating hanger to display it. In this guide, you will learn how to DIY a proper macrame shelf using gathering knots and spiral square knots. As the macrame cord, you’re using is white, you might consider painting the wooden board needed in white as well. DIYprojects

6. Floating Shelf With Macrame Strings

Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf DIY

Floating shelves àe always amazing. They are so good around, especially when you keep potted plants. This macrame shelf will be a very good idea if you’re looking for a floating hanger for your plant or flower. You only need to know about gathering knots and spiral square knots. placeofmytaste

7. Dollar Store Macrame Hanging Shelf

Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf DIY

Here is another simple macrame coaster that doesn’t have to do with a lot of knots. All you need are wood pieces, measuring tape, a macrame cord, wood stain, and a potted plant. Find out more about the project from the link below. thewonderforest

8. Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf DIY

Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf DIY

The main material required for this macrame wall hanging shelf includes a wooden rod, eleven wooden beads, one rustic wooden board, and a macrame board. The knots required are lark’s head knots, square knots, gathering knots, and spiral square knots. myfrenchtwist

9. Make A Macrame Shelf Using 4 Basic Knots 

The four basic knots required for this macrame shelf include diagonal double half hitch knots, square knots, spiral square knots, and simple overhand knots. Each of the knots plays a key role in the completion of this macrame shelf. 

The lark’s head knot is used to attach the cords to a wooden rod, the square knots, and diagonal double half hitch knot, and square knots are distributed evenly across the backdrop, the spiral square knots are used for the shelf arms, while the overhand knot is used to hold the wooden board for the shelf at the bottom. 

10. DIY Macrame Simple Shelf 

For this simple macrame shelf, you don’t need a backdrop. All you need is a wooden board for the base, some macrame cords for the shelf arms, a ring to hold the cords,  and a tape measure for measuring.  Both arms of the shelf are attached to the wooden ring and this helps to form a triangle pattern once the shelf is done. 

11. Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf DIY 

Here is a simple wall shelf that you can complete within 10 minutes. The materials required include a  wooden board for the base, wooden beads for design, macrame cords, and rings to hold the cords. There are three different ways you can style this wall shelf in this guide, two of them require knots while one doesn’t require any knot. 

12. Macrame Beginner Shelf 

The materials needed for this beginner shelf include a Woodward, a wooden rod, two S hooks, macrame cords, and hands to make the knots. Cut the cords to your desired length and attach them to the wooden rod with lark’s head knots. Then, start making continuous rows of square knots to form a half diamond pattern. 

13. DIY Macrame Shelf

Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf DIY

The materials needed for this macrame shelf include Wood board, wood drill, electric screwdriver, 3,5 meters macrame cord, fabric glue, 2 C-hooks, 2 wall plugs, measure tape, masking tape, drilling machine, and scissors. After getting the materials, drill four holes in each corner of the wooden board. Check the link below for the full process. homify

14. Macrame Hanging Plant Shelf

Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf DIY

Macrame craft is becoming more interesting by day as the number of things you can do with it increases. This particular macrame shelf is made for plant hangers. All you need for this is jute or hemp twine, a plant pot, square pieces of plywood, a spade bit, a timber drill bit, a jigsaw, and 120-grit sandpaper. Once you have all these, get a pen, a compass, and a ruler to draw a circle at the center of the plywood. homedit

15. How To Build A Macrame Shelf

Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf DIY

Since this macrame shelf is two-step you’ll need two wooden flat boards. The first thing you need to do after getting the boards is to drill holes on all four corners of each board.  Then, paint the boards. While they’re drying, get 2 x 10m of ecru coloured cord, binder clips, a pair of scissors, and scotch tape. Other materials required include a  drill and paintbrush. makemylemonade

16. How To Make A Macrame Shelf

Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf DIY

It would be great to have this amazing macrame shelf in your room, you can use it to keep your books, candles, flower vase, or anything. It is made from around a macrame board (2 inches diameter), and the board has two double hand-held cutouts.  Get a yellow yarn and a pair of scissors, then you’re good to go. Cut the cords as explained in this guide and attach them to the hand-hold cutouts. diyeverywhere

17. Boho Macrame Hanging Shelf 

What do you say about this three-step boho macrame hanging self! It’s amazing, right? You only need some wooden beads, three wooden boards, and a macrame cord. The knot used throughout the shelf is a spiral square knot and a simple overhand knot. Click this below to know more about the boho macrame hanging shelf. 

18. Simple Macrame Shelf 

You need a 30cm wooden dowel and a 3mm cotton cord. Cut the cord into pieces; one 100cm long, twenty-two 200cm long, and ten 350cm long. Take one end of the 100cm cord and use it to make a gathering knot around the edge of the wide dowel. Knot the other end of the cord to the other side of the dowel with another gathering knot. Then, hang it and attach other cords to the dowel with a lark’s head knot. 

19. Simple DIY Macrame Shelf Tutorial

This macrame shelf is called simple because it only requires one type of knot! You only need a gathering knot (wrapped knot). The materials required include some wooden rings, a macrame cord, a wood stain, and a 1×5 8ft common board. You can cut down the board and the macrame cord to your desired length.  

Attach two cords to one wooden ring and use another cord to make gathering knots around them. Then, drill four holes in one of the wood pieces and pass the cords through the holes. Close the shelf with another gathering knot at the bottom of the board. 

20. DIY Tutorial For Macrame Shelf Beginners 

If a spiral knot is the only type of macrame knot you know how to make, then you can make a lot of things with it. Among them is this macrame shelf. All you need is a wooden board, macrame cords, a wooden rod,  four wooden beads,  and your hand to make the knots. Aside from the lark’s head knot needed to attach the cords to the wooden rod, every other thing is made with spiral square knots. 


Macrame shelf can be used for a lot of things and it is very easy to make. In these guides, you will learn different simple ways to make macrame shelves using different types of knots and patterns.  You can use a macrame shelf to keep your flower vases, it can be used to hang planters, so it can be used to keep different accessories. Follow any of the guides above to learn how to make one. 

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