20 Outside Cat House DIY – Build An Outdoor Cat Shelter

Jane Foster

diy outdoor cat home

Want to build an Outside Cat House DIY? You are in the right place. It can be a hassle owning and taking care of cats initially, but with time you’d get to love them. Cats are affectionate animals and are one of the best pets one can hope to have. It is only fair that cat owners and people generally do due diligence by caring for them and loving them. 

One of the essential things you can do for your cat or cats in your neighborhood is to build them a cat shelter, especially during winter. This affords them warmth, food (that you’ll provide), and clean water. 

Whether you’re a cat owner or you’re a good Samaritan to feral cats, we’ve put together 20 DIY outdoor cat shelter designs, plans, and step-by-step building process that’ll come in handy for you. Are you ready? Let’s begin

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1. DIY Outdoor Cat Shelter

If you own cats, you understand the need for a cat shelter. Not just any cat shelter but an outdoor cat shelter. Building cat shelters aren’t the hardest things to do, but you’ve got to know how to work them right. You’ll need some basic easy-to-get materials like a 40-gallon outdoor storage container, a smaller indoor storage container, a sheet of insulated foam, duct tape, a box cutter, and straw. Always use a straw and not hay. Once you have all of these materials, it’s pretty easy from here. 

2. Outside Cat Shelter DIY

Warmth is what everyone craves during winter, including cats. So if you have a cat or are a cat lover and plan to house one or two stray cats, it’ll be best if you learn how to DIY an outside cat shelter to keep them all warm and cozy. It isn’t that hard. Follow the steps in this video, and you’ll be good. 

3. Building A Feral Cat Shelter

Feral cats can be pretty challenging to tame sometimes. However, with some love, care, and patience, they’ll warm up to you. Feral cats need an outdoor shelter as they most likely won’t want to come inside at first, hence the need to build one. This unboxing video shows you how to set up a feral cat shelter. The cat shelter costs about $35 but should be more depending on where you get it and the season.

4. How To Build An Outdoor Cat Shelter

In this video, you learn how to build an outdoor cat shelter. Not just any cat shelter but an insulated waterproof cat shelter. This shelter works beautifully for feral cats. The fantastic thing about this DIY project is that you can get it done in 30 minutes or less.

5. Outdoor Cold Weather Cat Condo

Outside Cat House DIY

Some neighborhoods tend to have many feral cats, and it can get a bit crazy during the winter season. If your community is one of such and your heart breaks each time you see those cats outside, then you might want to learn how to DIY an outdoor cold-weather cat condo. The cat condo featured here sports two 18 gallon storage containers. The outer walls of the condo are created from extruded styrofoam insulation. Come on, let’s get building.

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6. Outdoor Cat House Plans

Outside Cat House DIY

Are you looking to build an outdoor cat house? Then this article is just for you. You’ll find several outdoor cat house plans and the step-by-step process on how to make them here. This is a DIY project you’ll find exciting and fulfilling, but first, choose one of the outdoor cat house plans and get building.

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7. Large Cat Outdoor Run

Outside Cat House DIY

If your cat has a taste for the outdoors, then you might need to build an outdoor shelter that doesn’t feel like a cage. You’ll need to get an outdoor greenhouse. There are some excellent and cheap ones. You’ll also need some chicken wire/fence. This outdoor cat shelter is waterproof and large enough for you to walk in. 

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8. Outside Cat Shelter DIY

diy outdoor cat home

Talk about recycling and creativity, and this DIY outside cat shelter ticks all boxes. 

This outside cat shelter is made with plastic bottles. I know, right. You can reuse and repurpose your plastic bottles by using them to make a cat shelter. You’ll need a strong base or foundation like a cage or solid cardboard. The plastic bottles are then strapped around the pen or cardboard. The next step is to use duct tape to fill the gaps and make the shelter waterproof. It’s pretty easy.

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9. DIY Outdoor Cat Enclosure

In this DIY outdoor cat enclosure project, you’ll need treated wood, screws, drills, and some chicken wire. Your cats will love this outdoor cat enclosure, and we can show you how. Come on, let’s get on with it. 

10. Outdoor Insulated Cat House

Outdoor insulated cat houses are the new thing, especially in winter. You might find them pretty expensive to buy, but hey, you can DIY your own outdoor insulated cat house.  All you need is some plywood, foam board, screws, spray insulation, heat pad, and some tape. Easy, yeah? Now, let’s get to it.

11. DIY Stray Cat Shelter

This here is your complete guide to making stray cat shelters. You can DIY a homeless cat shelter to help injured and stray cats stay out of the cold. It’s not complicated or daunting. You have all of the information you need right in this video.

12. 10 Minutes DIY Outside Cat Shelter For Strays

You can DIY your very own outside cat shelter in just 10 minutes. You heard right,10 minutes. All you need is one large, heavy-duty plastic tote, a foam cooler, a knife with a serrated blade, and some straw (not hay). Now, you can DIY your outside cat shelter in 10 minutes. 


13. How To Make A Cat House Outside

diy outdoor cat home

Sometimes, heroes are everyday people with a heart, and guess what, you could be the next neighborhood hero.  How? Help stray cats find a warm shelter and food by building an outdoor cat house. Don’t know how? Not to worry, all the information you need is right here. It’s pretty easy. You’ll need a cardboard box, knife, duct tape, and blankets. 

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14. Outside Cat Home DIY

diy outdoor cat home

Building your own outside cat home doesn’t take much and is pretty easy, even if it’s your first time. You need some wood boards, wood rods, screws, nails, varnish, paint, etc.  Once you follow the step-by-step procedure outlined in this instructional article, you’ll be good to go.

15. DIY Catio For Cat

diy outdoor cat home

Catios are also known as patios or cat enclosures. They offer your cat safety and enrichment in an outdoorsy environment while also being protected. You can DIY your cat patio. You’ll need some wood, chicken wire. Screws and nails. Please read this article to get a very detailed step-by-step process on how to go about it.

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16. Winter House For Stray Cats

diy outdoor cat home

Stray cats need all the love they can get. One way to show them some love is to build a winter house. You’ll need basic materials like a large bin, a smaller storage container, styrofoam, a knife, and blankets. You can DIY your own cat winter house in these seven easy steps outlined in this article. 

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17. Outside Cat House DIY

You can make your own DIY outdoor cat house using pallet lumber. Amazing right? Learn all about it right here.

18. Cardboard Cat House Outside

Have you been looking to make your very own cat house? Then you’d definitely like this. You can DIY your own outdoor cat house using cardboard.  What do you need? Cardboard, a flex seal to make it waterproof, duct tape, etc. It’s pretty easy. 

19. Outside Cat House DIY

Many cats don’t make it through winter because they lack the appropriate shelter that they need. You can learn to DIY an outdoor cat shelter for your cats and stray cats. All you need are large containers, a blade for cutting, blankets, duct tape, and styrofoam for insulation. 

20. DIY Shelter For Outdoor Cats

Making shelter for outdoor cats has never been this easy. You can make one with a large container. Cut entrance and exit holes on each side. Place some straw at the bottom, and this is the real deal sealer; the self-heating pad. You place the self-heating pad on the straw, and the cats will love it. Learn how to DIY your shelter for outdoor cats and where to get all of the materials you need.


There you have it. Now you can go ahead and DIY your outdoor cat shelters for your cats and feral cats to help them keep warm this winter. And if you don’t have cats, send this article to someone who does!

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