15 Scratching Pole For Cats DIY – How To Build – 2022

Jane Foster

diy cat scratching post

Scratching pole for cats DIY is quite popular among pet lovers and is made with a variety of types of materials. You can find them in every home and it is one of the best gifts for your pet lovers. You can choose any type of materials to make your own scratching pole for cats DIY.

Scratching poles for cats have been used for many years by cat owners to prevent them from having their furniture and other items damaged by the claws. There are several different models of different materials and designs to choose from. Scratch poles can also be purchased individually if you don’t need a whole lot of them at once.

1. DIY Cat Scratch Pole  

Mary made a sturdy and strong cat scratching post from scrap plywood pieces and 2×4″. She started by cutting the base from the plywood, she cut the plywood into 18inches. However, the size of the base and the post will depend on the size of the cat. 

If your cat is smaller you can consider changing the dimension of the wood needed. Before putting the post and the base together, she got a heavy-duty rope to cover the entire length of the post and prepare the base; she did that by making an edge band for the base and rubbing it with a mixture of water and acrylic paint to give it a whitewash. After that, she assembles the base and the post and the cat scratching post are ready. 

2. How to Make Cat Scratch Pole  

one thing about a DIY cat scratching post is that it can be made out of anything. This was made from a used pipe, metal brackets, bolts, nuts, washers, and pieces of flat board. Start by cutting off any uneven extension on the pipe, then measure and cut the pipe to your desired length. 

After that, attach four metal L brackets to the base of the pipe with bolts, nuts, and washers. Then, determine the center of the flat board and place the pipe at the center. Now, screw the other part of the bracket to the board and you’re good to go.


3. How To Restore Cat Scratching Post  

If you already have a cat scratching post but it is damaged, you can watch this video tutorial to learn how to restore the post with a few steps. The first thing you need to do is to take off the base of the damaged post. You can do this by simply unscrewing the bolts. Then, use a middle nose plier to untie the rope from the post. After, get the new rope and use it at the post before screwing it back to the base. 

4. Scratching Pole For Cats DIY 

Cats love to get their claws tangled in something. So to save your furniture from their claws, you need to build a cat scratching post. To do this, you can cut half-inch plywood and cut it down to 18″×18″ square. This will be the case with the post. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 18″×18″ but the wider base helps. Then, for the post, cut a 2×4″ into a 3-foot length, and to make the most sturdy you can stack two pieces of 2×4″ together and you’re good to go. The next step is to cover the post with rope.  

5. Scratching Pole For Cats DIY

The materials needed to refurbish a cat scratching post include a staple gun, scissors, ropes, cat tree tools, non-toxic cleaner, glue gun, pliers, sisal rope, and cat perch cover. The first thing to do is to clean the cat tree and focus more on the dirty part, a homemade all-purpose cleaner will be good for this. Then, disassemble the cat tree and remove the old sisal rope from the posts. After that, install a new sisal rope, starting from the bottom of the post, and attach the rope with a staple gun. 

6. How To Recarpet Shredded Cat Post

Are you looking for ways to reinstall your shredded cat scratching post? Here is an amazing tutorial that can guide you on how to refurbish the old post.  Some of the amazing tools you need for this project are a heavy-duty electric staple gun, carpet cutting tool, pliers, tape measure, basic box cutter, and screwdriver. Use the box cutter to remove the shredded carpet and the screwdriver to pull the old staples off.  

7. How To Make A Floor To Ceiling Non-Permanent Cat Scratching Post  

Here is an amazing guide on how to build a non per manner floor to ceiling cat scratching post. It is amazing and can be disassembled anytime. The materials and tools required include a screw gun, staple gun,  wood glue, OSB board, twisted sisal rope, tape measure, cardboard tube, heavy-duty furniture casters, upholstery fabric, adhesive liquid nail, and a thick cardboard tube.  

8. DIY Modern Cat Scratching Post

Scratching Pole For Cats DIY

One beautiful thing about this  DIY is that you get to personalize your cat scratcher according to the size and preference of your cat. There are multiple ideas in this guide but the first one is very interesting as it is not like a usual scratching post; the post is made from 2×4″ wood pieces and covered with sisal rope. 

Then, it has a flat top made from plywood and covered with scrap low-wear carpet or salvaged materials.  However, you can decide to customize the top by changing the shape, Materials used for the cover or size. The second scratching post idea in this guide is made from wood pieces, plywood panels, deck screws, wood glue, sisal rope, and a screwdriver. dailypaws

9. Handmade Cat Scratching Post 

All you need for this handmade scratching post include a PVC pipe, four metal L brackets, a tape measure, drill, bolts, nuts, washers,  a square board, and something to cut the pipe. The first thing you need to do after gathering the above-mentioned Materials is to cut the pipe to length. 

After that, drill four holes around the bottom of the pipe and screw the metal L brackets on each hole. After that, measure and determine the center of the square board and place the pipe on it. Then, screw the other side of the brackets to the board and you’re good to go. You can check the link for further information about the handmade cat scratching post. 

10. DIY Cat Scratching Post 

Scratching Pole For Cats DIY

One of the things cats love most is scratching, and it will be great if you can provide a way for your cats to do this with ease. This amazing cat Scratching Post is made from a staple gun, hammer, circular saw, speed square, utility knife, miter saw or hand saw with a miter box, drill,  and small drill bit. Once you have all of these materials and tools, you’re ready to build a cat scratching post. dreamalittlebigger

11. Scratching Pole For Cats DIY

In this guide, there are three different designs of cat scratching posts; the first one uses a flat board covered with sisal twisted rope, the second one is adapted to the armchair, and the third one is a triangular model. 

All three models were carefully designed to prevent cats from screwing up your furniture or other materials in your house. You can follow the guide by watching the tutorial from the link below. Learn how to make each of the designs and save your furniture from your claw baby! 

12. How To Make Cat Scratching Post From PVC Pipes 

This simple cat tree doubled as a cat scratching post; this is because the cat tree Hass a post covered with twisted rope. The dual-purpose cat tree is made from PVC pipes, PVC  tee connectors, a hot glue gun, hot glue, and carpet to cover the top of the cat tree. When putting the cat tree together, the first thing is to prepare the base and cover it with carpet leaving only the center where the post will be installed. 

13. DIY PVC Cat Scratching Post 

A staple gun will work perfectly if you’re making a wooden cat scratching post but if you’re working with a PVC pipe you can use a hot glue gun. To begin with, get a scrap piece of round wooden board and cover it with felt. 

Then, use a wood round to cover one opening of the pipe and place it on one side of the board. After that, screw the pipe to the board, and have the PVC cap screwed on it. Once that is done, cover the post with sisal rope and paint the cap with your design paint. 

14. DIY Modern Cat Scratching Post  

Are you tired of the usual cat scratching post? If yes, here is a modern cat scratching post that can be adapted to your armchair! The scratching post is vertical and it slides over the arm of your chair. The instructor used a lot of tools and materials, but that’s because it’s available. 

If you don’t have the required tools and materials, you can simply put the scratching post together with wood, sisal rope, drill, screws, drill driver, sandpaper, yardstick, and something to cut the wood. It is made up of three wooden pieces, the vertical post, a top that sits on the arm, and another piece that goes over the arm. All you have to do is to cut and assemble the parts, then attach the sisal rope to the vertical post. 

15. DIY Cat Scratching Post

Scratching Pole For Cats DIY

Do you want to give your cat something else to scratch on aside from your couch? If yes, this amazing cat scratching post is for you. The first thing to do is to gather the materials and tools required as listed in this tutorial guide. Then,  cut the wood into pieces and start assembling from the top. Once you have the post, get the sisal rope and use it to cover the post. After that, you’re good to go. Dailypaws


Cats love to dig their claws into something every time they have the opportunity. In this case, you need a scratching post for your cat to keep them busy away from your home furniture. 

In this guide, you have 15 amazing cat scratching post ideas you can learn from to make a scratching post of your own. The ideas are cheap and fast to put together. 

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